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5 major advantages

For your business production help

  • 01

    We provide you with the best and most useful products, reputation first, the user first, the quality of satisfaction, reported to Joan Ju.

  • 02

    To customer demand for the wizard to the new as the main body, constantly updated to the market delivery of more appropriate products. To the best quality service, the best quality, the lowest return on the price of customer support!

  • 03

    Qiongju technology, has been stereotypes in its incoming materials, processing, assembly machine, shipping and other links strictly to ensure that the performance and quality of shipping products.

  • 04

    Customer demand is our goal, the product free installation, commissioning, home, training, one year warranty, lifetime maintenance, upgrades. Customer service phones 7 × 24 hours online service.

  • 05

    We have a professional team of high-quality, while the introduction of a number of domestic advanced equipment. There are domestic first multi-station robot welding station, automatic ultrasonic cleaning line, the domestic multi-point multi-speed show the best machine.

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